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At Junk Car Mafia, we want to help create a different image of a car junkyard.

When you heard the words “car junkyard,” what images does your mind create? You might envision a pile of old cars waiting to be demolished, or a vicious canine guarding the space. But at Junk Car Mafia, we want to help create a different image of a car junkyard. We operate a salvage yard, also known as a scrap yard, auto recycling center, or junkyard, that specializes in automotive parts. We are proud to serve customers who are located in and around the Alice Bell, Tennessee area. We buy old and damaged vehicles for cash, getting them off our customers’ properties and into our salvage yard.

Car Junkyard in Alice Bell, Tennessee

Although a junk car might not seem too appealing to the average person, our technicians know what to look for when cleaning and stripping it. When we purchase your junk car for a fair price, we’ll take it to our car junkyard and start cleaning it. After removing the dirt and grime that have accumulated over time, we’ll strip the vehicle for parts that are still functional. Even cars that no longer start or run contain perfectly good components that another automotive owner can use in their vehicle.

Without car junkyards, vehicles that no longer operate might be destroyed and dumped. But by operating our salvage yard, we’re able to offer parts to vehicle owners, including components that have been out of circulation for years. By selling your damaged vehicle to our car junkyard, you can help someone else get what they need while reducing your environmental impact.

At Junk Car Mafia, our car junkyard serves customers from Knoxville, Amherst, Farragut, Powell, New Hopewell, Halls Crossroads, Heiskell, Seymour, Rockford, Louisville, Strawberry Plains, Clinton, Marlow, Asbury, Alice Bell, Morningside Heights, Holston Hills, and Alcoa, Tennessee.