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As trusted local junk car buyers, we offer competitive rates and a simple process.

Dealing with the presence of a damaged car on your property can be a challenge. If you don’t have access to a tow truck and the car no longer runs, you may not be able to remove it. But at Junk Car Mafia, we’ve got you covered. We’re junk car buyers offering service in and near Knoxville, Tennessee. Our company has been buying and towing junk cars from local clients for more than 15 years, and we take nearly all makes and models in just about any condition. You can trust us to offer a fair price for your junk car and handle the process of transporting it from your property to ours.

Junk Car Buyers in Knoxville, Tennessee

As trusted local junk car buyers, we offer competitive rates and a simple process. When we started our company in 2005, we recognized that there was a need for parts for rare and out-of-circulation vehicles. The owners of these vehicles often struggled to get the components they needed to fix up and restore their rides. But by buying, cleaning, and stripping junk cars, our team members have been able to get some of the hardest-to-find parts, allowing other vehicle owners to fix and drive their own cars.

Even a car that has been totaled or sustained damage beyond repair may contain parts that are still in perfectly good condition. Our trained technicians know what to look for when stripping junk cars and can pull out the components that will still function properly. If you’re looking to make a deal with honest and straightforward junk car buyers to get rid of the eyesore on your property, contact us today.

At Junk Car Mafia, our junk car buyers serve customers from Knoxville, Amherst, Farragut, Powell, New Hopewell, Halls Crossroads, Heiskell, Seymour, Rockford, Louisville, Strawberry Plains, Clinton, Marlow, Asbury, Alice Bell, Morningside Heights, Holston Hills, and Alcoa, Tennessee.