Salvage Yard vs. Scrap Metal Yard: Which Way To Go?

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If you have a junk car you’re interested in selling, you might have come across the terms “salvage yard” and “scrap metal yard”. Both will buy your junk car, yet they serve pretty different purposes.

Salvage Yard vs. Scrap Metal Yard: Which Way To Go?

A salvage yard, also known as a junkyard, will buy your junk car and strip it down for parts. The parts in good condition are then resold or used to repair other vehicles. On the other hand, a scrap metal yard primarily deals with recycling scrap metal. They collect and sell all kinds of used metal, including from your junk car.

When selling a junk car, we recommend you sell it to a salvage yard. Why? Because they are more interested in repurposing usable parts of your car. These parts usually fetch a good profit on the market, so salvage yards are typically willing to pay good money for your car even if it’s totaled. And if the junk car is in decent condition, you stand to make much more.

As for scrap metal yards, you’ll most likely be paid for the weight of the metal in your junk car. This means that your leather seats, mirrors, or fiberglass bumpers are of little use to them. Therefore, you’ll get much less from a scrap metal yard. Additionally, some of them might lowball you and then resell the usable parts of your car to a salvage yard.

There’s no good reason not to get a fair return on your junk car sale. That’s why we are committed to making competitive offers for your vehicle, no matter its condition. Call us today or visit our salvage yard in Knoxville, Tennessee to learn more about our offerings.