Car Gems You Can Find in Our Junkyard [infographic]

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At Junk Car Mafia, we buy junk vehicles in any condition and haul them to our junkyard, where we strip them for parts. More often than not, we find auto parts that are in excellent condition. They can be used as replacements for your car and are super cheap compared to buying new parts.

Car Gems You Can Find in Our Junkyard

We also have a diverse stock of various car models in our junkyard, so there’s definitely something for you. Here are some of the most common auto parts you can get from us:

  • Radiators. Radiators are an essential part of your car’s engine cooling system. They are also pretty expensive to get when new. Therefore, if you have a cracked or leaky radiator, it would be wise to get one from our junkyard at a fraction of the cost.
  • Car doors. A junkyard can be great if you’re looking to replace your damaged car door/doors after an accident. The best thing about them is that the door color does not matter so long as it is in good shape. All you’ll need to do is take it to an auto shop for paint color matching.
  • Batteries. Some junk cars have batteries with plenty of juice left in them. You might need to jumpstart it, but you’ll still get a functional one at a low price.
  • Bumpers. Bumpers are one of the most sought-after replacement auto parts. This is because they usually take the impact in an accident. The good news is you can get a perfectly good bumper from a junkyard, provided you give it a quality paint job.

Car Gems You Can Find in Our Junkyard

If you are interested in functional and affordable replacement auto parts for your car, visit our junkyard in Knoxville, Tennessee.