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At Junk Car Mafia, we have a passion for helping our customers find the auto parts they need, whether you’re restoring a classic or vintage car or need a part for your personal vehicle. The pricing of auto parts for sale is an ever-changing meter, influenced by a number of aspects in addition to the base cost of the part. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the main factors that help determine the asking or buying price for parts.

Auto Parts for Sale: What Influences the Price of a Part

  • Rarity – This is especially true for classic or vintage parts, but it can also apply to some modern auto parts for sale. If a part is difficult to find, whether because it’s no longer in production or because it’s from a luxury or specialty vehicle, that will influence the asking or buying price.
  • Condition – Auto parts for sale are generally categorized into three main classes: new, used, and reconditioned/remanufactured. In much the same way that a car will sell for more if it’s in pristine condition, individual parts are worth more if they are in better condition.
    • New – Parts that are new will naturally cost more than the same parts that have been used.
    • Reconditioned/Remanufactured – These parts have been restored or rebuilt to meet or exceed the quality of the part’s original manufacturer’s condition (ORM) and may be a cost-effective alternative to buying new.
    • Used – These parts have been previously used, and are typically grouped into the following categories:
      • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Used
      • After Market Used
      • Salvaged/Recycled
      • Reconditioned/Refurbished
      • Like New/Excellent
  • Demand – The principle of supply and demand also applies to auto parts; if a particular part is in high demand, the market price for it will be high, whereas if there is not much demand for a part, the market value is much more likely to be low.

We have a great selection of auto parts for sale and a steady inventory coming in from suppliers. If you’re looking for a specific part, we’d love to help you find it. Contact us today to learn more or inquire about our current stock of auto parts for sale.