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Auto wreckers like us are dedicated to salvaging parts from junk cars so that they can be used to keep working cars on the road.

In our experience here at Junk Car Mafia, most people assume that old, decommissioned cars go to junkyards to rot. While this may have been true in the past, these days, teams like ours are taking a different approach—we buy junk cars, haul them to our salvage yard, clean them, then help car enthusiasts strip them for parts. Even cars that have been totaled can still contain intact, useable parts, and our team of auto wreckers is here to salvage them, so other drivers can use them to keep their vehicles in great condition.

Auto Wreckers in New Hopewell, Tennessee

Auto wreckers like us are taking a more sustainable approach to dealing with old, broken-down cars. Just because the car itself is no longer drivable doesn’t mean that all its parts should go to waste, and our whole operation is designed to make sure they do not. Instead, we find the parts that are still functional and offer them for sale to other drivers to use in their own cars. This approach is not only better for the environment, but it also helps many classic car enthusiasts keep their beloved vehicles in great shape, a mission that we proudly support.

If you are in the New Hopewell, Tennessee area and are looking for auto wreckers to take your junk car off your hands and put it to use, we encourage you to give us a call. We’ll first make you a cash offer, then we will handle all the transportation and processing for you.

At Junk Car Mafia, our auto wreckers serve customers from Knoxville, Amherst, Farragut, Powell, New Hopewell, Halls Crossroads, Heiskell, Seymour, Rockford, Louisville, Strawberry Plains, Clinton, Marlow, Asbury, Alice Bell, Morningside Heights, Holston Hills, and Alcoa, Tennessee.


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